Research Groups

Research groups:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee DormannMolecular Cell Biology II
Prof. Susanne Gebhard, Ph.D.Molecular Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Ralf HeermannMicrobiology
Prof. Dr. Edward LemkeSynthetic Biophysics
Prof. Dr. Helen May-SimeraCiliar Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Eckhard ThinesBiotechnology
Prof. Dr. Eva WolfChronobiology
Prof. Dr. Andreas WachterMolecular Plant Science
Prof. Dr. Uwe WolfrumMolecular Cell Biology


Coopted Professors:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Schneider (Faculty 09 - Biochemistry)


Additional Research Groups:
Prof. Dr. Elmar JaenickeBiomolecular Simulation


Former faculty members:
Prof. Dr. Harald PaulsenPlant Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Walter StöckerCell- and Matrixbiology
Prof. Dr. Jürgen MarklStructural Biology
Prof. Dr. Gottfried UndenMicrobiology and Wine Research