imP – Institute of Molecular Physiology

The Institute of Molecular Physiology (imP) has its focus on the function, dynamics, and structure of biological systems from nano- to supramolecular scale. This includes interactions of proteins and nucleic acids, (epigenetic) gen regulation, genome stability, DNA repair, signal transduction, and intracellular transport processes. Member groups cooperate closely and use shared facilities for cell culture, animal and plant breeding, high-resolution light microscopy, electron microscopy, x-ray structure analysis and micro calorimetry. We use a multitude of biophysical methods to analyse protein-protein, protein- nucleic acid and protein- ligand interactions.

Multiple contacts connect us with the other two institutes of the Biology department and also with the IMB, the IBWF, the Institute of Biochemistry (FB 09), the University Medical Center and the Max-Planck-Institutes in Mainz and Frankfurt.

Our most important joint programs:

  • GeneRED - Gene Regulation in Evolution and Development) as a joint research initiative between the Faculty of Biology of Johannes Gutenberg University and IMB.
  • GeneEvo - a Graduate Programm (under DFG review)
  • FTN - Focus Program Translational Neurosciences
  • IPP - The international PhD-Programm
  • MPGC - Max-Planck-Graduate-Center
  • MAINZ - Graduate School of Excellence


Research groups:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee DormannMolecular Cellbiology II
Prof. Dr. Ralf HeermannMicrobiology
Prof. Dr. Edward LemkeSynthetic Biophysics
Prof. Dr. Helen May-SimeraCiliar Cellbiology
Prof. Dr. Eckhard ThinesBiotechnology
Prof. Dr. Eva WolfChronobiology
Prof. Dr. Andreas WachterMolecular Plant Science
Prof. Dr. Uwe WolfrumMolecular Cellbiology


Additional research groups:
apl. Prof. Dr. Elmar JaenickeMolecular Biophysics
apl. Prof. Dr. Gudrun KadereitBiodiversity and Evolution of Plants
apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard LiebStructural Biology


Former faculty members:
Prof. Dr. Harald PaulsenPlant Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Walter StöckerCell- and Matrixbiology
Prof. Dr. Jürgen MarklStructural Biology
Prof. Dr. Gottfried UndenMicrobiology and Wine Research