Prof. Dr. Andreas Wachter : Molecular Plant Science

Research topics:

Alternative Splicing in Plants

Alternative splicing (AS) describes the formation of two or more transcript variants from one type of precursor mRNA (pre-mRNA) by removal of different intron sequences. AS has been demonstrated to be widespread in higher eukaryotes and can both increase proteome diversity and contribute to gene regulation via formation of instable mRNAs (Figure 1). Despite its wide distribution, many questions, especially concerning the functional implications and regulation of AS events, remain to be addressed.

In our work, we are interested to gain deeper insight into the biological implications and regulation of AS in plants. The following topics describe the ongoing research projects in our group.

  • Functional Characterization of Novel Splicing Regulatory Proteins from Plants
  • Coupled AS and nonsense-mediated decay in plant gene control
  • Coordinated Splicing Programs in Plant Development
  • Regulation of AS by Structured mRNA Motifs

Figure 1: Regulation and functional implications of alternative splicing.


Group members:

Inst. f. Mol. Physiologie; AG Prof. A. Wachter


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