Prof. Eckhard Thines : Microbiology and Wine Research 1

Research topics:

In the Thines group, we are investigating physiologic processes in fungi from genetic regulation up to ecological relevance, e.g by molecular interactions with other organisms. Further, we are interested in the fungal mechanisms, which lead to an adaption to a changing environment.

Our research also focuses on the regulation and biosynthesis of fungal secondary metabolites. The significance of those compounds for the chemical communication in ecosystems, or for the fungus-host plant interaction is a major topic in many projects.



Group members:
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Group Leader

Thines, Eckhard  Tel: 39-21863 Fax: 39-22695 00-521


Balbach, Angela  Tel: 39-22662 Fax: 39-22695 00-525


Andresen, Karsten  Tel: 39-23548 Fax: 39-22695 00-513
Antelo, Luis  Tel: 39-23548 Fax: 39-22695 00-513
Claus, Harald  Tel: 39-23542 Fax: 39-22695 01-557
Neumann, Hendrik  Tel: 39-23545 Fax: 39-22695 01-537
Schüffler, Anja  0631/3167219 Fax: 39-22695


Balbach, Angela  Tel: 39-22662 Fax: 39-22695 00-525
Gneipel, Armin  Tel: 39-23540 Fax: 39-22695 01-565
Grünewald, Christiane  Tel: 39-23546 Fax: 39-22695 01-535
Schlander, Martina  Tel: 39-23541 Fax: 39-22695 01-563